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Study in Lithuania

About Lithuania

Lithuania is located in Northern Europe. It covers an area of 65,200 km2 (25,200 sq mi).It is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark. It is bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast to the southwest. Lithuania has an estimated population of 3 million as of 2013 and its capital city is Vilnius. Lithuania is a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, a full member of the Schengen Agreement and NATO.

Lithuania is home to excellent universities and colleges, as they have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education. Students have the best conditions to carry out their research in a convenient environment and with highly reputable professors.

Education System

Pre-tertiary education is organized in 4 main cycles: Pre-school education, Pre-primary education, primary education, basic education, upper secondary education, Upper secondary education ends on the “Matura” examination, and opening gates to tertiary education. Vocational and technical education starts at the fifth year of basic education. Its structure is similar to comprehensive education: The program lasts two to three years before the “basic education certificate”. Students can then pursue into vocational upper secondary education that also leads, after two or three years, to a “Matura” examination. However, in order to reach tertiary education (university or college), vocational students have to follow an extra “post-secondary” education program of 2 years.


  •  September/October
  • January/February


  •  Minimum Completion of 12 years education at school
  • 45% above in Higher Secondary level.

Documents Required

  •  Passport
  • Academic Transcript, certificates and mark sheets
  • Motivation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Bank Statements for past 6 months
  • Income Source
  • A document stating student’s English proficiency qualification by the school or university in your country of residence or IELTS, TOEFL test certificates.
  • If working, work experience certificate
  • Police Report
  • Passport size Photo

Why Lithuania?

  •  Affordable Tuition fees and living expenses
  • Welcoming People
  • Rich Culture
  • Mobility Opportunities
  • Wide range of Degree Programs
  • 20 hours work permit per week during study and full time in vacations